Windham Pro XCT and Pro GRT

Women Elite

29 Jun 2013, Windham, United States

USA Cycling US Pro XCT, Windham Pro XCT and Pro GRT

Number of participants: 15

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Davison Lea100:00:00 United States
Sin Amanda200:00:00 Canada
Anthony Crystal300:00:00 United States
Tingey Erica400:00:00 United States
Smith Haley500:00:00 Canada
Bruno Roy Maureen600:00:00 United States
Rochette Maghalie700:00:00 Canada
Beck Anna800:00:00 Australia
Shields Emily900:00:00 United States
Thiemann Nicole1000:00:00 United States
Blanchard Bryna1100:00:00 United States
Brooks Cayley1200:00:00 Canada
Pearson Jane1300:00:00 United States
Fuentes Andrea1400:00:00 Mexico
Allen Elizabeth1500:00:00 United States
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